Valor Points Upgrade Calc

Calculates the number of Valor Points required for upgrading an Item.

Don't forget:You can sell your Valor Points at Ko'Tul in Oribos (next to the Great Vault). Don't let them turn to silver at the end of the week.

Upgradingfromtowhile havingValor Points requires:

Valor Points


Mythic Plus Dungeons (135 Valor Points each) or
Epic Callings (50 Valor Points each) or
Rare Callings (35 Valor Points each)

Mythic+ Loot

KeystoneDungeon LootWeekly Great Vault

Sanctum of Domination Loot

The Tarragrue213226239252
Eye of the Jailer213226239252
The Nine213226239252
Remnant of Ner'zhul213226239252
Soulrender Dormazain213226239252
Painsmith Raznal213226239252
Guardian of the First Ones213226239252
Fatescribe Roh-Kalo213226239252
Sylvanas Windrunner220233246259